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creative, knitted textileart byLindyD

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Autumn woodland

I was keen to get lots of texture into the forest floor, come up with lots of different textures and get a lot of depth between front and back of the wood; This picture is entirely knitted.

Size :

Lake District misty view

For this piece I wanted the different textures to match closely the impression of form in the 'real' world, particularly with regard to the mist and the watery reflections; it is otherwise, a 'flat' picture . It was the first picture I knitted and I have no idea why I started with the challenge of three which had to match up in a tryptich!


Autumn leaves

For this piece freeform knitting was used to create an abstract canopy of leaves and the red ones were attached to a wire frame which makes them stand out from the background, as does the birch tree on the left.


Abstract circles of landscape life

I was inspired by a work of Kandinsky to produce a colourful collection of circles all influenced by a texture or pattern in the world around us. The circles are knitted in various stitches in the round and are displayed on a background of felt squares.


Folk art - over the wall

I wanted to create a piece that mirrors how it feels to go walking and peer over walls to see what's happening beyond. Entirely knitted it needed a substantial wall in the foreground so the pieces were stuffed for extra prominence. The tractor and farmer were a special challenge which I believe work well. Achieving some kind of perspective was important, and I think it has a naive/cartoon charm.


Detail from over the wall.
The tractor and the farmer were knitted using an initial piece and then picking up stitches and adding knitting as appropriate; finishing off was done by a little bit of simple hand embroidery.

Woodland animal magic

This piece was commissioned for a friend who wanted as many 'animals' in as possible; it combines knitting with 3-d felting and a stuffed badger head which gives the picture a lot of depth. Some details are shown below.



Left : Detail from Woodland animal magic.
The Fly Algaric funghi is the one we all love with its wonderful colour and spots; this one was stuffed for extra roundness.

Right : Detail from Woodland animal magic.
This very small owl hiding in the mossy tree was created by 3-d felting.


Left : Detail from Woodland animal magic.
The bee was french knitted and stuffed then wings were knitted with cling film and wrapped wire used for legs.

Right : Detail from Woodland animal magic.
Butterfly in 3-d felting

Left: Yorkshire Dales

I loved the way the landscape divided itself up by colour and texture; the pattern made a pleasing composition for this all knitted piece.


Right : Detail from Yorkshire Dales.
Pieces were knitted in random shapes to fit together, stitches were added on top and knitted to make the dividing walls.