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My soft jewellery

The art of making soft jewellery is available to everyone who can knit. Even with basic skills of cast on, knit & purl and cast off great results are possible; and with more advanced level skills then more complex designs are within easy reach. I understand, however, that not everyone wants to (or can) design their own pieces so I've created a series of designs to knit up for yourself, they are available in kit form with the yarns and embellishments supplied along with a pattern guide. All you have to add is your own knitting skills and needles - easy!

The end result has some lovely qualities as a way to accessorise your wardrobe, here are just a few:

  • warm to the touch
  • textured
  • colourful
  • comfortable to wear
  • unusual and eye-catching
  • inexpensive so you can match every outfit in your wardrobe!

It's also quick to do, a soft jewellery knitting project can be completed within just a few hours and unlike a hat or scarf it can be used all year not just during the winter! Here are some examples...

If you're interested in seeing my Jewellery Knitting Kit range my Etsy shop is now stocking them.

Coming soon, I'll be using my design skills to put together interesting textured yarn resource packs too so you can experiment with texture for yourself.