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creative, knitted textile art by LindyD

'I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free'

'I saw the picture in the yarn and knitted until I set it free' LindyD


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This page is made up of links to things/people/on-line sites and resources I've found useful and inspiring (it's a list I'm sure will grow):

Steam Punk Photo Art - this photo art is great fun; another example of the talent of creative photographer Dayve Ward.

Stitch Library- for anyone who ever thought (like I used to) that there were only three stitch patterns in this world ie stocking stitch, garter stitch and rib...this site is a real eye opener; it's got a great sitich library and I use it for inspiration a lot, thanks guys...

Woolfest - a fantastic local Lake District event (but drawing people from all over the UK); a great celebration of everything wool; if you haven't visited - do! (you can see real live sheep (and goats) like this wonderful Wendsleydale sheep.

Photography by Ward - excellent commercial photography for product pictures and creative/mood shots.

Nicky Epstein - An inspirational knitter; I've got a few of her books and they help me work out some of the technical things I want to do (& I love to just look at them).

Jenny Dowde - Jenny Dowde a great practitioner of Freeform knitting and crochet; I love the permission that this gives you to just go off and 'do' stuff. Her book 'Freeform Knitting and Crochet' has some great projects if you just want to dip your toes into this free knitting pool gently to start with.

Alison Ellen- Alison Ellen really knows her 'technical' stuff and has studied the craft of knitting in depth; I learned a lot about why knitting does what it does and will use / have used that knowledge to good effect in things I've created.

Rob Talbot- Rob Talbot has created some lovely landscape photos, inspiring for me as I dream of my own 'works of art'; I couldn't find him on-line as himself but this is a link to one of his books which I have.