About me
I'm Lindy Doran and here I am surrounded by one of the things that inspires me...the natural world.
A starting point for my work is the huge wonderful world of coloured and textured yarn out there. I want to design and make with it and look for ways to give it the opportunity to be more than just a jumper! Although I have also mastered the art of designing and knitting jumpers that fit and look great too. The secret I have discovered is two-fold .... 1) swatch the yarn and 2) be prepared to pull it out and redo it you are not happy with any section.
Being able to create artwork inspired by the natural world and to design and make soft jewellery and other fun items gives yarn a new exciting life and gives me a world of infinite design and crafting possibilities. I love it!
In addition to my larger scale art works I design and make soft jewellery I also indulge myself in other small knitting projects like personalised dolls which are great fun and of course great coloured socks.
I live and work in the beautiful English Lake District, with brilliant commercial photographer Dayve and our lazy grey whippet (who would I'm sure prefer the climate in the south of France!)

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