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'A Silvery Sea'
'A Silvery Sea' was specially created for the Costume & Textile Association's "Silvery Threads" competition, and chosen as a finalist. The artwork was on display in The Hostry at Norwich Cathedral in Oct 2014.
In thinking about a piece incorporating 'silvery threads' in a landscape genre, the sea came to mind. I set out to capture some of the energy and drama in the sea and to mirror in knitted textural the forms the blocks of repeating motifs you observe in the sea.
The 'Silvery Threads' of the brief are provided by a variety of the silvery yarns available including sari ribbon which has been used in several different ways.
Size: H 76cm x W 51cm x D 6cm
Detail of waves crashing onto the sandy shore.
View from the Moors
In this piece I've used a mixture of inherently textured yarns along with those in which the texture comes from the choice of knitted stitch.
In addition this piece has made use of a small amount of recycled textured 'wooly' material and has been given form by the use of padding to help it stand away from the frame.
Inspired by the idea of looking down from a heathery high point onto the adjoining expanse of boggy moorland and the farmed green valley beyond.
Size: W42cm x H42cm x D7cm
View from the Moors detail
Seedheads waving...
In this piece, inspired by printmakers' work and with a bit of a 'vintage' textile feel, I've used a coloured background material (which isn't knitted) for greater variety in texture. I've carried some of these colours forward and used panels of different stitch textures to add to the sense of of depth.
I've added further layering from 'waving' seed heads and small, modest budded flowers; all stand out a bit from the surface. Overall it is a moment captured in a wild garden.
Size: W 50cm x H 38.5cm
Laura's wood...
I've used wonderfully slubby wool patched together with woven selveges to create a very tactile ground layer and background for the tree. The tree itself I wove with an Ashford hand loom using a few tricks to give it greater texture and variety.
I've used padding (recycled wool-mix textile material) to make the tree stand forward a little from the background. This piece was on show at the Knitting & Stitching Shows in 2013 (in Alexander Palace in London and in Harrogate and people loved the texture and couldn't resist touching it!.
Size : W 34cm x H 64 cm
Detail 1 (of the tree)... using a variety of warps and some creative wefts - this bark is full of interest.
Detail 2 (of the background)...using large needles and patching the shapes as I went - I love the mix of tones and textures.
Winter tree and fence ...
In this winter landscape I wanted the colours to portray that coolness of winter chill and I was looking for a contrast in texture between the gnarly tree and the fluffy light snow and to convey that sense of lightness and airiness when we see a snow scene.
I also wanted to play with perspective by adding the fence onto the surface.
Size : W 28cm x H 68 cm
Detail 1 (of the tree)... knitted in cable pattern, stitches picked up and knitted into branches.
Detail 2 (of the fence)... the knitted posts were joined by wire of two different gauges to add greater degree of perspective.
Woolly caterpillar
This little character having lunch was created for the Woolly Woods exhibition 2013 (Canopy Arts at the National Trust's Acorn Bank near Penrith). Created entirely with 100% wool materials so it can gently disappear back into nature when the time comes.
Size : W 17cm
Autumn woodland
This was also shown at the Knitting and Stitching Show in 2013 and several people said it reminded them of David Hockney's Big Woods pictures. They do have a similar composition and colour palette but we arrived at them independently (I hadn't seen his and he hadn't seen mine!)
Size : W 79cm x H 61cm
Lake District misty view
For this piece I wanted the different textures to match closely the impression of form in the 'real' world, particularly with regard to the mist rolling over the mountain and the watery reflections. There was a particular challenge to this since being a tryptich the pieces had to match up across the lakeshore horizon line.
Size: Each W 25cm x H 70cm
Autumn leaves
For this piece I interpreted the woodland subject more abstractly and the canopy of red leaves were incorporated into a light-weight wire frame which makes them stand out from the background, as does the birch tree on the left.
It makes for a wonderful shading effect and changes throughout the day and into the evening as the light changes around it.
Size: W 54cm x H 48cm
Over the Wall
This is adopting a naïve / folk-art style to create a piece that mirrors how it feels to go walking and peer over walls to see what's happening beyond.
The wall in the foreground was stuffed for extra prominence and to give the idea of a physical barrier to the view beyond.
Size: W 75cm x H 62cm
Detail from 'over the wall'.
It is both challenging and satsifying to introduce smaller elements of detail into a subject that it for the most part big in scale.
Yorkshire Dales
This was taken from a photograph. 
I loved the way the landscape divided itself up by colour and texture; the pattern made a pleasing composition perfect for the yarn medium.
Size: W 27cm x H 72mm
Detail from Yorkshire Dales.
Pieces were knitted in random shapes to fit together, stitches were added on top and knitted to make the dividing walls.
Woodland animal magic
This piece was for a friend who wanted as many 'animals' in as possible; it combines knitting (including a knitted stuffed badger head) with 3-d felting which gives the picture a lot of depth.
Some of the smaller-scale details are shown below.
Size: W 50cm x H 40 cm
Detail from Woodland animal magic.
The Fly Agaric fungi is the one we all love with its wonderful colour and spots; this one was stuffed for extra roundness.
Detail from Woodland animal magic.
This very small owl hiding in the mossy tree was created by 3-d felting.
Detail from Woodland animal magic.
The bee was French knitted and stuffed then wings were knitted with cling film and wrapped wire used for legs.
Detail from Woodland animal magic.
Butterfly in 3-d felting
A big thanks to Photography by Ward for the all the great photos showing so much detail and texture.
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